Hello Everyone...

Jun 4, 2012
Charleston, WV
I have been a member of car forums for years, just never thought about checking out forums for my pool issues. This site already seems very informative and helpful and I am in hopes that the community here is as nice as many of my car sites.

I am a pharmacist by trade and after a couple years listening to the explanations of my local pool suppliers, not to mention after they ruined some of my equipment, I decided it was time to understand what was going on with my pool. I have purchased the XL test kit and will post pictures and stats very soon.

May 14, 2012
I am a new guy as well...Purchased a house from a guy who was VERY into the steps of pool care in Trouble Free Pool. When he gave me the orientation, he freely spewed verbiage that at the time confused me, but I am slowly understanding now that I am reading here. Great info. Upstate NY is home.