Hello Everybody, long time reader but realize I need to be more knowledgeable.


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Apr 2, 2014
Hanover, Pa.

Been a member, but after reading for many years, realizing I need too know more then chlorine and ph levels to keep everything going smoothly.
The pool looks really clean for just opening a few days ago.
But by the advice of this site and the fact that my old basic test kit is empty, I figured it was time to spring for a K-2006 Taylor test kit.

But after testing everything just moments ago, I really don't know where to start or what recomendations are needed to make all my values come full circle with a clean and healthy pool.

Just gonna throw these out and hope I'm posting in the correct place on the forum.
This is the beginning of a spreadsheet I hope to start and keep complete and up to date.

Pool size 38'x23'x4'+ approx 22000gal.
DE filter
I use chlorine

CYA way over 100
ph= very low...need 10 drops to make 7.6

But hopefully the pic will post and you can see that the water is clear, and really that is what I shoot for other years, but I want everything in balance this year.
Thanks for any reply's and hope to be someday as smart of a chemist as others on the site.
Thanks again
Jim Wildasin
(still cold in Pa.)


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Jan 6, 2010
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Welcome! :wave:

Start by repeating the CYA test using the dilution method in the notes here: Pool School - CYA.

Decide where you want your CYA to be and replace enough water to get there, let it mix, and repeat the tests and we'll start from the top. While it is possible to maintain a pool with 100 CYA, it's not easy and I don't recommend it. I had to do it when I took over my pool and was under severe water restrictions. It's worlds easier with CYA in the 30-60 range. There's no point treating the water only to dump it.

I know.... not what you wanted to hear. How did the CYA get so high anyway? Were you chlorinating with trichlor pucks?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for those pool owners that only post once every three years.... :shark:

When you say you use "chlorine", do you mean Liquid Chlorine/Bleach or do you mean 3" Chlorine tabs or pucks???

If you have been hanging around since 2014, I'm sure by now you know we are going to say that your CYA level is way too high. 100 is the max the test will do so it could really be 200 or 300 or who knows for sure.

The key to not getting algae is to keep your FC and CYA matched per this chart... https://www.troublefreepool.com/content/128-chlorine-cya-chart-slam-shock

You can see that you are at a point that it will be difficult to keep your FC level high enough to keep algae away. Is there any reason not to drain some of your pool water?

You can also try a diluted CYA test... Mix half pool water with half tap water and then run the test as normal. Multiply the results by 2.. So if you read a CYA of 75 then your actual CYA level is 150...

Thanks for posting, and I hope we don't have to wait another three years to hear back from you again... :p

Jim R.


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Apr 2, 2014
Hanover, Pa.
thanks Richard and Jim,
Richard, I may ry the 50/50 test tomorrow.
Jim I use the 3" tablets.
Also, I been reading for a few years before the year I actually joined.

CYA didn't even close to the 100 reading before I couldn't see the black dot on the bottom of the tube, so 200/300 may be closer.
and really no reason not to drain some, just one of those things I hate to do, but I do want all the numbers to come in, so really thats probably the way to go.

Thanks for all the help.