Hello and thanks from TN


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Nov 13, 2020
Middle Tennessee
Hello from middle Tennessee. My name is David and my family (wife and 2 young kiddos) moved to a new house in August.

The yard is a blank slate and we are planning a backyard oasis with covered living and inground pool. Have an appointment scheduled with a landscape architect this week to develop a master plan.

Work will be completed over multiple years/phases with the pool happening as soon as possible. We are on a waiting list with the local PB but no contract or deposit. Everyone we have talked to is either not accepting clients or has a 1 year plus waiting list. We are hoping the list will shrink this year, but have realistic expectations of swimming in 2022.

I have been reading and learning for many months, on here, and think that I now have a good general idea on the basics, construction, and equipment considerations. Thanks to all of you for the education. I also appreciate the amount of positively and activity in this community.

I'll start a planning thread once we get a design nailed down and know what's in scope for the first build phase.