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Sep 5, 2021
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I have been posting a lot recently and some in the past.

Hi!! :wave:I'm Marci Tenpas. Live in Austin, TX with my husband and two dogs. Kids are just now grown and off the payroll (for good?)
Girl and boy, close in age, Music Therapist in Fort Worth and entering grad school at Texas A&M for physics next month, respectively.
I went to The University of Texas at Austin but now own Aggie shirts to support my kid. Who'd have thought?

I am not a native Texan. Grew up in Ohio, lived in San Antonio and Oklahoma in high school. Then lived here, outside LA for a brief stint, back to Ohio for a few years when kids were born, then outside DC and finally back here for the last 19 years.

I was a computer programmer a long, long time ago (IBM and a small game company) but then was a stay at home mom when my kids were born. I have had silly part time jobs during that time but have not yet dived back into a career. Amateur DIY, I try hard to research, learn, and fix things around the house, so the pool projects aren't my first. I call it a WIN if I succeed in the fix, no matter how long it takes, and especially if I get some cool new tools---ok, even some I bought by mistake--anybody need a torque wrench or two?
I was in Ace Hardware, no lie, 5 times last Saturday.

I am a pretty good Googler--I even had one job in customer service for a smart card company that felt like my title was "Let me Google that For You". YouTube is also a resource I have used a lot. Love the folks that make the How To videos!

I know way too much about baseball, choirs, and competitive swimming, thanks to my children. My passions are dogs, music, gardening (well landscape planting and maintenance now--this yard won't grow a real garden) and reading --thriller fiction usually--which I do not do enough of anymore. I also can't live without humor and...vodka for post-DIY days that might or might not be successful 🍸

I am really appreciating the knowledge and help given here. I would have given up and called someone who most likely wouldn't have done things correctly since our pool employee turnover has been tremendous, thank you Covid. And even before that, I'm finding "repairs" now that were not done correctly in the past. But ya'll helped and encouraged me and I am grateful.

Happy to make new friends and be a part of such a great community. I'm on Facebook to keep in touch with certain friends and family but am not logged on a lot lately. But happy for new friends there if it's your thing, as I'm feeling a bit isolated since the pandemic and so many friends moved away once the kids were out of high school.

Hope this wasn't too long!!

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Jun 22, 2014
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Marci who? Bwaahaaaaaaa! We're thrilled to you on the forum. I think you broke a TFP record with 82 posts before doing an intro. Ha.