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Mar 10, 2018
Spring Hill
Hope you all are doing well ;-). I jumped on this forum, due to the fact that I need some serious help. I just purchased a house with an in ground pool this pool needs to be resurfaced, but I was going to wait until next season due to limited funds. But, now I found out that the skimmer has a 3 inch crack along side and to replace skimmer it's around $1200. I would like to do all the repairs myself including resurfacing, but where can I get some credible information on how to since I never owned a pool? I live in Florida (Hernando County), and everyplace I called thus far told me they don't work on hard shell fiberglass pools.

Thank you for help in advance


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Hello and Welcome to TFP!! Feel free to start a topic in the appropriate area with any and all questions you have. Please fill out your signature so that we know what kind of pool and equipment you have. If you are unsure, post up some pics and we can help figure it out. Can you add which State you are in. ( I know you list it above, but others will ask again in those other threads I'm sure). welcome aboard...

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