Hello All from the new member VaPoolGu


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May 13, 2017
Virginia Beach, VA
Hello All! :handwave:

I have read many threads and posts, gaining much knowledge from other members, over the years but never became a member until today. :kim:

Next month will be four years since I've had my pool and I probably would have driven all of you crazy with a gazillion questions if I had of joined back then because I knew absolutely nothing about owning and taking care of a pool, much less a saltwater pool! I was born and raised in South Florida with concrete pools so when I bought my house in Southeast Virginia with a vinyl lined saltwater pool, it was foreign territory!

I have experienced many of the typical issues: DE constantly leaked into my pool, salt system stopped working, grid assembly needed to be replaced, multiport valve leaked, pump leaked, and even a huge rip in my liner during the winter (resulting in a new liner in the spring) after questioning if there was a slow leak the entire summer before! And that doesn't even include all of the small problems year after year! So I guess one would say that I've learned A LOT and passed my crash course in pool care and maintenance!

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has taken the time to share their experience that so greatly helps people like me, who read multiple sources before determining the best course of action! Your input is more valuable that you'll ever know!!! So thank you again for helping me get through my first four years!


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Jan 17, 2012
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Wow VaPoolGurl, you've learned via "trial by fire" pool school, huh?

Glad to have you here and we're all glad your pool is in good hands. Welcome to TFP!

Maddie :flower: