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Oct 16, 2019
The Villages, Florida
I've been asking questions and posting responses for a couple of months, but never introduced myself!

I live in Florida year round now - originally from Michigan (47 years), then Georgia (10 years), now Florida (permanently!). I have owned 4 pools over the past 35 years. My first was an above ground oval pool - we kept that 2 years, then decided to get an in-ground. We had that one a long time, and it was great for kids - a big L shape vinyl liner pool in MI. 42' long, 18' wide in deep end, 25' wide in shallow end with a gas heater. When we moved to GA, I installed a free form vinyl liner pool (18x36) and went with an SWG and a 120K heat pump. Longest install ever, but ended up great!

We moved to Florida permanently about 3 years ago, and just installed our first gunite pool (again free form (12.5x24.5), with SWG and a 140K heat pump. Love it!

I started out as an Electrical Engineer, then worked all my life in IT - typically research and development. If any help is required for electrical or IT, I'll do my best to provide answers!

I didn't find troublefreepool.com until we were near the completion stages of our new pool in Florida! So far, this has been the easiest, most cost effective way to care for a pool that I have had! Thanks TFP!
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Jan 17, 2012
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What a nice intro, Irvalley :goodjob: Its nice to put a "story" on a name, y'know?

Where'd you live in Georgia?? (If I were a Ga Dawg I'd have to hate you now, youknow.... that FL/GA rivalry is verrrrry strong. Good thing I go for the Texas teams, huh?)

Maddie :flower: