Helllooooo from Ohio


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Jun 14, 2008
Chatham, Ohio
Hello all,
I have been reading and reading TFP and Poolsolutions.com since last summer. I am sooo, sooo thankful for the BBB method. My hats off to Ben. I so appreciate this site so I can participate in posting. Thank you. Also, my continued prayers for Watermom. I am an 11 year survivor. What a fantastic opportunity you are providing for us pool owners who want to enjoy our pools. We recently bought a farm and it came with an inground pool, vinyl liner and somewhat big, for novice pool owners, 34,000 gal. We have a sand filter and have replaced some accessories, but everything else is in pretty good shape. We have our pool up and running in 2 -3 weeks, crystal clear (except for a tinge of green we are working on) versus the 4 -6 week with information from the "stores". Thanks for the savings of the $$$.
Again, Hello to all and a BIG THANK YOU !!!!! :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:



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Mar 29, 2007
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Kathy, welcome to TFP (if you could have joined PS, I'd have welcomed you there too :p )

Congratulations on 'taming' your pool!! If the mod on PF, Ben, hadn't gone MIA, this site probably wouldn't be necessary, but this IS the HOTTEST pool site on the web. I'm very happy you've joined! If you ever have a question that may have been covered on PS, thew folks who frequent both sites can find what you can't via the 'search' option that you are unable to use 8) I gotta tell you that TFP is every bit as good for pool/ spa info as PF was/ is!

Again WELCOME to TFP!! :wave: I hope you never! have a problem with your pool... but if you do, you know exactly where to go for help :-D