Heavy Iron staining


Jun 17, 2010
Southington, CT
I was dealing with some metal staining in my vinyl lined in ground pool recently. I performed an AA treatment according to the directions found in Pool School. I added some polyquat 60 before taking the pH down to 0. However the pool got cloudy during this time. I did the AA treatment anyway and the stain went away (this was my second AA treatment in 3 weeks because the stains came back after the first one). I then added a sequestrant and started bringing the FC back up while keeping the pH around 7. The pH simply would not come back up this time and the pool remained slightly cloudy. I could not get the FC up over 0.5. After about 8 days I noticed that the stains were returning. I decided to punt because I wanted to swim. I SLAMed the pool to try to clear up the water. It took a lot of chlorine to get the chlorine to hold. When I woke up this morning, the entire pool was green. A closer look showed that the water was clear. My test results were:

FC – 13.5

pH – 7.4

Alk – 70

CYA – 50

It seems that the entire pool liner is now extremely heavily stained with iron. At this point I have no idea what to do. I don’t want to do another AA treatment because the stains keep coming back and worse than before. (plus I don’t want to take the FC down to 0 again, I want to swim!) What can I do to get rid of the staining? Will Metal Magic work? Where can I find it?

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It sounds as though the iron level in your water is simply too high to try and manipulate chemically by itself. You either need to replace the water with fresh non-iron water, or do a lot of filtering.

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