Heater Programming Help - Hayward Goldline Aqua Logic PS-4 with Sta-rite Max-E-Therm


Jul 16, 2019
Orlando, FL
I have a 20 year-old Aqua Logic PS-4 with Hayward salt chlorinator, Pentair Max-E-Therm NG heater, pool with spillover spa, separate pool and spa lights. Recently had display issues and HLS error on the heater so replaced display board, keypad, thermister, high limit switch, thermal regulator and lastly the bypass valve and all is working great again. However, along the way the configuration settings in the PS-4 have gotten screwed up. I still am able to control all functions and turn them on and off. The problem is previously it was setup so that when "spa" was pushed, the "gas heater" would automatically ignite and the "solar heater" would turn off. That is no longer happening. I can turn the solar heater on and off fine so the valve control is working. And i can turn the gas heater on and off fine so that control is working. I just can't seem to get the gas heater to turn on when the spa is turned on automatically and to turn off when spa is turned off. Any guidance would be appreciated. I've downloaded the manual, but can't seem to follow how to trigger one from the other. Thanks!


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Jul 16, 2012
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Ha, I think I need to remove my name from that section. My use of and occasional manual reading doesn't usually provide good input for many of the Hayward conversations. Perhaps a bump to the top will interest someone in taking a look here for you though.
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