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Sep 21, 2021
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Hi everyone,
First time pool owner here. I recently had my pool heater repaired about a month ago and have never used it. The repair man turned it on and showed me that it was working. Now that the weather is cooling down I wanted to fire it up. I have an old IntelliTouch i7+3 with no remote so I use the panel near the pool to turn things on and off (lights and blower). The pumps are on timers. Anyway, I hit the heater button on the IntelliTouch and even after waiting a long time for the heater to fire up I see that it the panel does not have any lights on. I've checked the fuse with a voltmeter and it was intact. Any suggestions on what to do next?



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Jul 7, 2014
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You kind of need a remote or ScreenLogic...

For the heater to run you have to tell the automation what temperature you want the water to be... this is called the set point.. If the water is colder than the set point, then the automation closes a small relay which closes the Fireman's loop, which tells the heat to heat..

Without a remote or ScreenLogic, how do you plan to tell the automation what temperature you want the pool to be??

You can just run the heater manually.. but this requires you to disconnect it from the automation.


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