Heater levels


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Apr 12, 2007
We have an Hayward Comfortzone heater, along with a sand filter and pentair pump that feed an IG 16x32 vinyl pool and portable hot tub. The heater looks like an older model and I can't make out some of the numbers so I can't find a manual on-line. The reading I have done on the forums leads me to believe that heaters require some specific levels of chemicals so the heaters aren't ruined. Can anyone tell me some basic number ranges for heaters? Hope this makes sense! Thanks Kay


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Mar 28, 2007
Houston, TX
Not sure if this will help you but this is from my Pentair MasterTemp (gas) heater manual...

Your Pentair pool heater was designed specifically for your spa or pool and will give you many years of trouble-free service, provided you keep your water chemistry in proper condition. Water chemistry should follow good swimming pool water chemistry practices. When using a chlorinator, install it down stream from the heater and at a lower level than the heater outlet. Install a corrosion resistant positive seal “Check Valve”, (P/N R172288), between the heater and the chlorinator to prevent concentrated chemicals from back-siphoning into the heater. Back-siphoning is most likely to occur when the pump stops, creating a pressure-suction differential. Do NOT sanitize the pool by putting chlorine tablets or sticks into the skimmer(s). When the pump is off, this will cause a high concentration of chlorine to enter the heater, which could cause corrosion damage to the heat exchanger. Three major items that can cause problems with your pool heater are: improper pH, disinfectant residual, and total alkalinity. These items, if not kept properly balanced, can shorten the life of the heater and cause permanent damage.


The main thing to watch with older heaters with copper heat exchangers is your pH. Don't let it drop too low or you may end up with copper in your water and ruin the heat exchanger. Don't let it get too high or you may end up with a lot of scaling and poor hear exchange. Other than that normal chemical levels are what you need. If you have very high calcium levels in your water (>400 ppm) run your TA on the low side (<100) to help prevent scaling. Also, if you have to do any treatments that lower your pH a lot (some stain removing treatments) you should bypass the heater until the pool is rebalanced.