Heater install question


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Jun 12, 2019
Hey there!

I've got a quick question on my heater install.

This is a new install of a Hayward 400k BTU propane heater. I've attached a picture of where I'll be connecting to the propane line.

1 - I need to tie in after the regulator right? (so it's between me and the tank)
2 - can I use that T that's already there? If it's needed for something, could I add a similar T in my new line? That would keep me from needing to cut any existing pipe.
3 - I've got a 7-10' run (above ground) to the heater. Is there any particular type of pipe that I need use? (can I use the flexible stuff)
4- I do need to bleed the lines right?
5 - any hints on the permit and inspection.
6 - anything I haven't thought of?




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Mar 14, 2019
willis texas
it is quite possible that your heater will require more volume and pressure than your house does. you probably need to tie into the gas line before the current regulator. then add an appropriate size regulator. look in the manual for the heater. it will give specs for the pipe size for the length of pipe run needed. it will also give minimum pressure requirements.

i am in texas and have natural gas. we had to have them the gas company come out and perform their meter upgrade package. added a higher regulator, leaving the original one to feed the house and the bigger one for the pool heater.

if by flexable gas pipe, you mean the yellow one, that is not rated for above ground use. the sun and weed eater will damage it. it is for burial only.


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Jun 12, 2019
A quick post to close the loop on this question.

The gas guy was just out here and said I can use the same regulator for the house and furnace.

I did run into a new problem though... Whoever installed the underground propane tank used regulators sized for 1M BTU but ran 30' of the small 3/8" pipe to the house. Apparently it will only push 299k BTU and my new heater is 400k. We'll clip the small stuff off at each end and run 5/8" to handle the volume.

I've confirmed this with the Hayward installation manual. "2 stage regulation" applies to me since there's one regulator on the tank and then another on the house. The chart says I need at least 1/2" between the regulators and 3/4" from the 2nd regulator to my heater.

@thomasandanita - Good call on the volume and pressure issue