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Apr 11, 2011
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Hi everyone. I have a pool with a natural gas heater that was likely never run for 10+ years. Model is laars lite 2. I never run it or tried to in the past. I opened it up the other day and I am wondering if anyone has any advice to get it running again. I turned the knob to pilot but it was not sparking and I could not smell gas either. I assume there is a battery I can replace? Does the gas not flow when the battery is not working?

thanks in advance


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The sparker could be defective. Many things can be defective in a heater not run tor 10 years. You probably have bugs and spiders all over stuff internally causing problems. The heater needs a good inspection and clean out before you try and run it.


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Mar 30, 2019
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The sparker is piezo-electric and does not need a battery. If the sparker rod or ground connections are dirty, you will not get a strong spark. If the pilot assembly is dirty or restricted at the internal orifice the pilot will not light even if the spark is strong. Strongly recommend a professional cleaning of the sparker, pilot assembly, burners and manifold orifices including visual inpection of the heat exchanger. That would give you a better idea of where you stand regarding the condition of the heater.