Heat Pump what's the best way to run it


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May 31, 2020
Pool heat pump what is the best way to run it, i have a evo heat fusion electric pump, running on its own variable speed pump and plumbing,

should i just set the temp i want and let it run all swim season on auto, so it just switches off and on day or night to keep pool at my set temp ?

or set it to run at set times, like i could set it to run at night using the off peak cheaper electricity rates from 10pm to 7am, so 8 hours during the night set to say 30 Celsius, i have a blanket to help keep heat in, but realise it would start to cool down from 7am but might stay warm enough during day, not sure

any ideas on how best to run the heat pump ? thanks


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Oct 16, 2019
The Villages, Florida
I run mine from 11am - 7pm. My rates are the same all day, and the heat pump is more effective as the temp outside heats up - it's least effective at night when it's cooler.

For me, in central FL, the pool is normally around 85-86 in the early morning. By the time it's 11am, the pool is already at 88, and the heater never kicks on. Even in winter, it only takes the heater about an hour to heat the pool, so an 11am start time works for me.

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Sep 7, 2020
Sydney Australia
Fiesta, I'm also about to drop a wallet-load on an Evoheat Fusion.
If you're querying the best way to run it, I suggest giving Evoheat a ring. Their customer service is pretty good.

But seeing as you have a blanket, it makes sense to run it during those cheaper rates (I am also on TOU tariff). The blanket really keeps the heat in so nightime running is fine & the water will stay warm. During summer with the sun hitting the blanket in the day time, that will also heat the water, further strengthening the philosophy of just running it at night.

And if you have solar PV, might as well use free power - so forget what I said above and run it during the day.
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