heat pump problem?


Jun 20, 2007
south florida
i just started my brand new pentair heat pump (117,000) and i either did something wrong or it has to be defective. the spa went from 84 to 86 over 2 hours! i am in south florida so its pretty warm here. i know electric takes longer than gas but this cant be right. i am going to call my builder in a.m. and i guess he will have to have a pentair service person come out as obviously i cant live with this. anybody have any ideas?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
If the spa water was circulating with the pool water that would be better than I would expect. If the spa water was kept seperate from the pool water then something is wrong with the heater. So one possibility is that the spa is exchanging a little water with the pool and the heater is working. Are you sure you have the plumbing setup so the spa was isolated from the pool?