Heat pump or propane?


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Aug 14, 2018

Good afternoon,

This pool has solar but as it's winter here in Florida I don't think it's helping very much. Ordinarily, I would suggest putting in a heat pump coupled with a solar cover. Because this is an infinity edge pool, the cover couldn't be difficult. You can see in the photo the duck looks like he wants to end it all!

Do you think propane would be a good option? Depending how quickly it could heat this 16K gallon pool with it's new 3hp variable speed pump I'm thinking a 400,000 btu propane heater could be turned on in the morning and have the pool ready for swimming in a few hours. Obviously permits, installation cost and propane cost would have to be a factor. Swimming at this pool is not done often.


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Jul 21, 2013
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A 400K BTU gas heater will heat the 16K pool about 3 to 4 degrees an hour. Watch out for heater condensation if they will often be heating with the pool water below 70F. Some heaters claim to be condensation proof for low temperature heating. Read Heater Condensation - Further Reading

A 120K BTU Heat Pump will heat the 16K pool about .8 degree an hour but heat output will deceline as air temperature drops and a HP will shutdown by 50F.
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