Heat Pump - No Diverter Valve?


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May 21, 2010
East Hartford, Connecticut
We had our heat pump installed a couple of years after we had the pool put in, and we thought it would be standard that a diverter valve be put in to keep the filtered water from flowing needlessly through it when not in use. The pressure on the filter has doubled from about 5 to 10 since hooking into the heater.

Our pool builder refused to plumb it that way and Leslie's does not do it either unless you twist their arm - says it's unnecessary. I went with their recommendation and had it done, but now my husband wants to re-plumb it himself and put in a diverter valve, as he's feeling the heater life will be compromised without one. We basically don't need to use our heat pump all that much; just some in springtime to warm up the water initially and during times if it's been cloudy for a few days in a row.

Can anyone comment on what is the better hookup? Thank you,

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Jun 22, 2009
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To me the best setup is to have a bypass valve in the common pipe and a block valve and union in each line going to the heat pump. That allows you to completely bypass the heat pump and remove it if needed, leaving the system running while it's out.