Heat Pump in Las Vegas?


Apr 7, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
Seems that I am having difficulty locating a contractor to install a heat pump in Las Vegas. Those I have spoken with recommend against using a heat pump, even contacted Leslies who sell and install heat pumps in other area of the country but do not carry them in Las Vegas. From what I have read, a heat pump should work in this climate, but for whatever reasons, I'm not able to find anyone who recommends or install them here.

Currently have a 16,000 gal inground pool with only solar heat... Have gotten a couple estimates from electrical contractors to upgrade the wiring by the pump to a 50 amp circuit to handle both the pool pump (Pentair VS Intelliflow) and the Heat Pump. It is quite some distance from the house electrical panel to the pool pump panel and the electrical will run ~ $1,900... combined with the cost of the heat pump it's looking like it may not be worth the expense. The up side is I do have solar power so the cost to run the heat pump should be minimal.

Is a heat pump in a dry desert climate not a good solution?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
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Heat pumps are to operate optimally at 80F and 80% humidity. Not our climate.

Covering your pool in the spring and fall and using a gas heater to take the chill off is far better. If you have solar heat, I am surprised it is not sufficient, but you have to cover your pool.


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Jun 16, 2019
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Apr 7, 2021
Las Vegas, NV
Ok, thanks guys... The solar works pretty well but I'd like to get get more use in April and October. I don't really like using a cover (pain putting on and taking off) but I guess I'll look into that as I did have a solar cover years ago. I think running a gas line will be too expensive as it is ~150 feet from the gas meter to the pump area but I'll see about getting an estimate.
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