Heat pump - controlling when it runs

I just got a heat pump installed and the installer guy just left it running and set the pool pump to run continuosly. I wasnt home at the time. Its a Hayward 140k btu hp2140t pump if that matters. Is it ok just to set the pool pump to run from 10am - 6pm and does the heat pump just shut off automatically when there is no water flowing into it? I didnt see any way to set the heat pump to run for specified hours. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Mar 7, 2017
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Hello, I asked a similar question recently, and folks told me that the heater should have an automatic sensor (water pressure sensor?) that will disable it when the pump is not on. I'm sure an expert will chime in shortly... :)


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Nov 8, 2011
Actually you want the heat pump to turn off prior to the pump shutting down or it won't start up when the pump turns back on. It will most likely lock out with a high pressure error.


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Aug 10, 2012
Right, if it shuts off due to low pressure/flow error it will probably stay off until you reset it.

My Hayward heat pump has two ways to control it. First, you can set the temp to heat to, say 85, it will heat to 85 and shut off until the temp drops and then turn back on and heat to 85 again. Can't remember how many degrees below 85 it goes. Probably 1 or 2.


You can set a timer with an on time and an off time. I recently have had my pump set to run 8a to 10p and my heat pump to turn on at 10a and off at 8p.