Heat a Spa in AZ - No Gas!


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Nov 5, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Hi all,

I am about to embark on building a pool in Mesa, AZ and I am trying to decide whether to put in a spa or not. My wife and I would love to have a spa, but I have run into an issue with my research on the matter. It would cost $60k to run natural gas to my property from where it's currently located across a main street and two rows of houses away. So that is out.

Putting in an underground propane tank would have to be 10' from my property lines and house by code in Mesa, AZ. That would put it in an area that just doesn't work in my yard. So propane is out too.

So all I got is electricity to power whatever I go with to heat it. We won't use it a ton in the winter, but it owuld be nice in October and November before temps drop to go out and soak in the hot tub some evenings. How do Heat pumps work in AZ? Would it make sense to put in an electric heater or a heat pump or both? If the water is around 60 degrees, how long to get it up to 100? Maybe with no gas to heat it a spa is just a dumb idea?

Thanks in advance for the advice!


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Nov 5, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Okay followup question: the guidelines for propane in my city are such that an above ground or underground 250 gallon tank would not work on property. However, i could put two or three 120 gallon tanks (setback rules and such are way different on tanks under 125 gallons). Is it possible to plumb these tanks together running to same line to power the spa heater?


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May 3, 2014
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I believe you can plumb them together. Check with the propane company.

Propane is and will be very expensive.


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Jan 17, 2012
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I don't like pool spas, hard cement without various seating comforts that a stand alone hot tub will give you.

My hot tub has a lounge chair, then other seats which vary in height to focus the therapy strong jets at different areas of the body.

My vote is for a stand alone hot tub/spa any day over a pool spa!

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