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Jun 18, 2021
White lake mi
Hello all!

We got impacted by a tornado two weeks ago here in Michigan, but we made out really good. The only thing that was impacted the most was water in the basement and the pool turned green
due to 4 days of power outage. I started the SLAM process and got the water clear within a week, but even after that process, I can see the main drain and all the details of the liner, but the pool isn't sparkling like it did before.
Its slightly hazy blue, and when underwater, its a hazy blue. Im assuming this is still dead algae that may need to be filtered?

Test results today (only tested FC/CC, PH and TA, CYA today from the 2006c)
FC 6.2
CC 0
Ph 7.5
TA 100
CYA is still low, probably around 20-30. It could be lower, I could still see the dot when filling the comparator, although it was cloudy, I could still see it barely when full.

My FC has dropped 1 PPM from yesterday to today, although its been in full sun and my CYA is low, Im curious if its still the dreaded algae, or just needs to filter?

Thank you!!


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Jan 17, 2012
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That's kinda a small filter for your pool, so you will get stuck cleaning it out more often. If ever it breaksdown or you win the lottery get a larger filter- the larger the better! Then you won't have to clean it out as often, even with that hazy water.

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