Hazy water

Fc 3-4
alk 80
ph 7.3
cya 45
hardness 180

Pool cover came off during winter and a major algae bloom started. Cleaned, slammed pool and basically have the pool 90% clear(no green). Problem is I can’t seem to get it the rest of the way clear. It is a salt water pool and I haven’t started running the chlorine generator yet, I’ve just been using pucks(tri-chlor). I’ve been running the filter 12 hours a day along with brooming pool frequently. Could it be TDS to high? I’m lost, any help would be greatly appreciated
The haze is probabaly leftover algea from the previous bloom.

LIke said above, you need to get your chlorine levels up to shock level, and test often (like once every hour) until your can maintain that shock level.

In order to do this, you are going to need some bleach, and a test kit that can test for FC at that high of a level.

Check out pool school, look into a better test kit, and report back. Some pictures would probably help as well.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Haze is just a low-level algae bloom.

If you want to kill it, you need to follow the instructions in the SLAMarticle -- all of them, including investing in a proper test kit.

When you're done, and the pool has had a week or so to come down and get rebalanced, you will be amazed at the sparkle and the clarity. Seriously -- I can toss a quarter into the deep end and call heads or tails from the deck!