Haywood eyel not enough thread & what will fit original rubber outlets


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Jun 18, 2016
I wanted to install the eye inlet that came with the Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim and replace the one that came with pool. Once i went through the hassle i realized that there was not enough thread to catch so that i could reinstall to my filter pump.I know there has to be a solution and it is probably easy.:confused:
Then even though i have been able to run my Auto cleaner off the original outlets using one as an inny and one as out I am not satisfied. I ran the auto cleaner off the sand filter and boy did that run fast.I wonder can i use one of the older rubber connects as a second outlet on the sand filter??? Can I run a fountain if I only have the input off the pump
I know you are confused but so am I
Here are picture of what i have done so far any and all comments suggestions rejections welcome IMG_1195.jpg IMG_1196.jpg IMG_1197.jpg


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
Your auto cleaner is probably a suction side cleaner? If so just pick up a Hayward skimmer plate and you can connect your vac right through the skimmer to power it off the larger pump and sand filter. I have a diver dave suction side cleaner, the included hose didn't fit my adapter plate. It was late fall and I didn't take the time to find a solution for that. The cleaner came with a tapered rubber cone adapter on the end of the hose, I removed skimmer basket and just pushed the cone right into the pipe in the bottom of the skimmer box. I ran it 3 or 4 times before closing the pool and it seemed to work great.

No real need to continue using that little pump/filter, kind of a waste of electricity with the more powerful pump and sand filter. I would just plug the lines and eliminate it.

Your fountain should be pretty easily powered from the return of the big pump. Don't understand what the issue is installing the hayward eyball return. Are you trying to re-use the goofy intex valve and fittings? Don't know much about those, I've never had an intex. Some pics might help see the issue. My eyeball return just had a hose barb threaded into it, the hose from the filter slipped over and clamped on with a hose clamp. I did away with that, added a valve and hard plumbed with PVC from my filter discharge to the pool.

A fountain will aerate the water and cause your PH to rise fairly quickly, fine if you need to raise PH but that is not often the case using bleach or a SWG. About the only time I would need aeration is when I'm trying to lower my TA and that is very rare as my fill water is almost ideal.