Hayward W560 leaf canister


Aug 17, 2019
Gilbert, AZ
I have a Hayward W560 in line leaf canister that I installed in between my Xtreme suction cleaner and hose rotator. When I install the canister everything is under water so that there is no air in the hose or canister but as soon as I turn on the pump I see air bubbles getting into the canister. It takes about 5 minutes for the canister to fill about 1/3 with air and that air then going out the canister into the pump and then the cycle starts again. The pool has a side suction port, so the cleaner is not connected to the skimmer. I'm wondering if this is normal or should I not use the canister since it is sending air into the pump.

I should add, that I wondered if I had some type of air leak in the pump, so I took the extreme suction cleaner out and ran the pump without it and the bubbles never formed in the canister. So it seems that the pulsating motion of the suction cleaner is causing the air bubbles.


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Couple of things to note. The hose between the canister and the extreme suction cleaner needs to be primed to get all air out prior to connecting and the canister has to be submerged to get it completely filled with water and then connect it with the hoses to the suction port. I think your issue is the gasket on the canister is not seated properly and taking in air when it floats. Remove the gasket from the groove in the cover and insert it into the canister where the cover mates to it. Use magic lube for the gasket just as you would use it on the pump basket cover. See attached link.