Hayward VS Pump + SwimPure SWG Controller


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Jan 17, 2018
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Good afternoon - hoping that some of you find folks can help me :)

I just installed a Hayward VS Pump and wired the power directly to the pump (it used to be routed through a mechanical timer). I’ve attached a picture of the current setup.

Of course, the pump works great, but no chlorine is being generated because the panel doesn’t have any power. Is there some way that I’m supposed to feed the power from the pump? Or should I be running another electrical line to the panel?
And I know that the Hayward VS pump can talk to a few controllers - is the SwimPure one of them?

Primarily wondering because the generator should only be on if the pump is running.



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Jun 12, 2011
The SWG needs power to operate. When I converted to a variable speed pump, I used my old pump timer to power the SWG. I set the pump onboard timer/controller to operate the pump, then set the SWG timer to start the SWG 1/2 hour after the pump and shut it off 1/2 hour before the pump. The SWG should never be powered when the pump is not running.