Hayward VS controlled by Jandy panel and other third party controllers


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Apr 25, 2009
Burlington, ON, Canada
Just a head's up. Don't let your installer (two different pool stores told me it couldn't be done) tell you that a Hayward VS pump can't be controlled by a Jandy or other third party control panel. Hayward has excellent technical guides showing a number of ways that a VS pump can be controlled by third party controllers.

In my case, the Tri-Star VS900 is set to 'relay mode' (where the third party controller timers are used and the pump only sets the speeds) as opposed to 'stand alone mode' (where the pump timers and speeds are used).

I now have the pump connected to the actuator ports on the Jandy panel so when solar is called for the actuator port not only opens the valve to divert water to the solar panels, but also tells the pump to run at whatever speed I've programmed it. Same with my cleaner actuator port and my deck jet actuator port.

You can also connect the pump to relays in the control panel, if you don't want to use the actuator ports and have other things under relay control (like a booster pump, or some other water feature).

This way, I can have the pump run at a lower speed when I'm not using solar, cleaner or deck jets, and it will automatically switch to whatever higher speed I've programmed for solar, cleaner and deck jets if they are called for, and slow down again when they are not called for.

Here is the technical guide for a Tri-Star VS900, for example, and I know there's one for the EcoStar as well.



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Jul 7, 2014
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Thanks for the feedback... Good to know info that might help others..

Do you mind sharing why you chose the Tri-Star instead of one of the pumps that are designed to be controlled by your Jandy system?


Jim R.


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Apr 25, 2009
Burlington, ON, Canada
Hi. In order of importance:

1. The pump I was replacing was a Hayward Tri-Star single speed so it was a straight swap - no need for any plumbing changes and the footprint was the same. It was originally installed in 2007 and has not had a single problem in 11 seasons, so I was impressed with the reliability. Hopefully, the VS900 will be as reliable.

2. My hydro provider currently has a $400 instant rebate on VS pumps (but that would apply for any VS pump, actually, not just Hayward) which enticed me to replace my original Tri-Star, even though it was running perfectly. Also, Hayward has a $50 mail in rebate on top of the hydro company rebate.

3. As weird as it seems, I like the pump lid (no handles that stick up) and basket design (no ribs) of the Tri-Star over the comparable Jandy models.

Also, I didn't like the fact that the Jandy control panel had to be purchased separately (though I think Jandy has changed their current design to include the controller with the pump). Although I have a Jandy PDA system, the firmware is too old (I think) to really take advantage of the VS pump (i.e. I don't have any settings for pump speed in the Jandy PDA).

***edit - just checked Jandy website and it seems all but the ePump include the controller***

***I see that some of the Jandy pumps have an auxiliary load relay in the pump that opens if the pump RPM is below 1725 RPM. This is actually awesome, and I would have hooked my SWG up to this***

4. I like the blue backlighting on the Hayward display versus the green backlighting on the Jandy...lol...seriously.

5. The pool store I used only carries Hayward.

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