Hayward Tristar VSP - Programming for one-button control


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
I have recently installed a Hayward Tristar VSP (SP3202VSPND). It's a 1.85 HP variable speed pump without its own display panel. It is required to be connected to a Hayward ProLogic (or similar) automation system. No problem there. It's all installed and works fine.

My question is if I can control the pump with one-button access to each of the four preset speeds (which were programmed into the ProLogic system by me)? I would like to be able to press one of 4 different AUX buttons and get the pump to turn on to my preset speeds. I know I can hit the main button and it then tells me the last speed it ran at and I can change that if I want. But if my pump is already running, that means turning it off then back on and selecting the speed. Not a big hassle, but I have lots of available AUX/Valve buttons and was hoping to utilize them for this purpose. And wouldn't require cycling the pump to change speeds. The manuals and any documentation I see, along with my experimentation hasn't allowed me to succeed yet.

Separately, it was a really good deal in MD (BGE territory). The pump was $810, but has a $400 rebate. To get the rebate, you have to buy it in-state or from a contractor (so you pay sales tax) OR you can file a Use Tax return and pay the tax to the state yourself if the retailer didn't charge you tax. I went with the cheapest online retailer I could find and paid the Use Tax manually to the state so I can qualify. So with tax, about $460 for a 1.85HP VSP, and I have no spa or water features so the smaller size VS is perfect.
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