Hayward Tigershark RC9990CUB - won't turn on


Jun 13, 2012
Indianapolis, IN
EDIT: I couldn't figure out how to delete this, but ended up needing to hit the reset button on the outlet.

It's worked like a charm since I bought it in 2018. I've used it 3-4 times already this season. I just took it out and plugged it in and...nothing. It's like the power is dead to it. I've tried 2 different outlets, tested the outlets, tried other things in the outlets to rule out an electrical issue, tried an extension cord, no extension cord, a different extension cord, and no power, no light or anything. I checked the pins and the socket they go in - no debris or anything, cleaned the filters, everything short of disassembling the thing and putting it back together and nothing, not even a flicker of power. Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions for why it won't even power on?
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