Hayward Tigershark problem diagnosis


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Sep 11, 2016
Chapel Hill, NC
Hi all - longtime reader, first time poster.

I've got an about 4-5 year old hayward tigershark that I inherited from the previous owners of the current house. When I started using it over this past summer, I had to go ahead and replace several parts to get it up and running (one side, both rubber treads, several bearing guide rollers, the impeller), but at that point the tigershark was working just fine. Recently, when I turn it on it does it's initial 3-4 second power-up cycle, then stops, then runs again for another 3-4 seconds then stops completely. I'm trying to figure out what the issue could be now - I've disassembled the cleaner again and there's no debris or other structural issues I can find. According to the troubleshooting manual it could either be the motor or a power issue (I'm assuming a power issue could be the power supply/controller box or the floating power cord). Any advice/insight on how to diagnose the exact issue? I don't have a multimeter or a hayward error code scanner, either.


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Feb 3, 2014
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Mechanical issues are usually easily serviced on these robots, but electrical issues are a different story. It's likely to cost you some $$ but you're better off taking it to a local retailer that sells and services Hayward products. aka, the dreaded pool store. The manual for the TigerShark is pretty detailed. Almost a service level manual. http://www.hayward-pool.com/images/pdf/manuals/robotic-cleaner-troubleshooting-guide.pdf If you're unable to fix it with that, it's likely to the point where you need to replace the cord, the motor or the power supply. A service center will be able to test and isolate the problem and replace the offending component. Sounds like the unit is sensing low or high resistance loads on the components, not allowing it to complete the diagnostic start up.


Jun 25, 2017
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It must be spring! I have the identical symptoms after 5 "trouble free" years of service since new. Outwardly , no visible issues, ie filters,tracks etc. I was wondering if you had success in repairing the unit and if so what the issue was.
Thanks in advance.


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May 10, 2018
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Hey guys! Had the same issue. Took the filter cartridge out, then ran it in the pool. Thinking the extra water flow cleaned whatever jammed it out. Works fine again. Last year it wouldn’t run at all. Had to get new drive pin. $40 fix at local pool store.