Hayward Tigershark Drive Track some teeth shorn off


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Jul 14, 2009
Hey guys,

I've been super happy with my tiger shark but it's drive tracks started to get stuck a few times and I had to pull it close to the surface then roll them a bit and they get going again.

The problem has gotten progressively worse and I took it out for a close inspection and noticed that some of the "teeth" that catch the track to the gear mechanism have become shorn off so the track wheels can't "catch" to continue sometimes.

Now, I've had Hayward fix something else and they were great. I just had to pack up the thing and ship it to them and got it fixed (refurbished replacement, which was fine with me).

Now here is my dilema. Swimming season has just started so I need it more than ever and don't really want to wait the week and a half turnaround time for a repair/replace.

I've seen that I can get the drive track replacement parts for about $30 but I don't know how tough it really is to get in there and replace them (or if that would void the warranty).

What do you guys think, is this really an easy fix or should I suck it up and send it in.


- Stogo


Mar 6, 2010
Replacing belt is not that hard to do. Right tools make all the difference - Torx drive bit (#20), with flexible shaft for cordless drill. Remove all the side plate screws and screw from each side of handle. Pull side plate off and check drive pulley for wear and tear. Install new belt around pulley and guide and put side plate back on. Pull on wheel tubes to line up with side plates and put screws back in. Good luck PS: Having small hands makes it a lot easier
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