Hayward T9 salt cell warranty replacement saga


May 5, 2021
My T9 cell's warranty expires November 2021. In September 16 2021 I took the cell to my local PinchaPenny store because the controller was saying salt was too low to turn the chlorinator on (it's actually 3400ppm). PinchaPenny tested the cell on their Hayward tester, it failed 3 times in a row. PinchaPenny then filed a warranty claim with hayward for the cell. Every time I go to PinchaPenny they tell me they're still waiting for the replacement cell from Hayward. So now it's 5 weeks after they filed the claim with Hayward, still no replacement cell. Today I called Hayward residential tech support, "estimated wait time 11 minutes", and after an hour on hold I gave up. Then I messaged Hayward on their Facebook site, to see if they could give me status of the warranty claim. They replied they have no visibility of those things, but if I give them m email & phone they'll forward it to their tech support group. I did, and tech support emailed me pretty quickly. They wanted to know what the order number was. I told them I didn't have that, I'd try and get it from PinchaPenny. I then gave them the serial number of the cell and asked if they could look up warranty claim status. Here's their reply:

"I was able to locate a warranty claim that they filed. They should only file this claim after the repair has been completed,
not the other way around. They've pre-submitted the claim. What they'll need to do is to contact their local District
Technical Manager for an order placement if they need a new cell. They should have his contact information."

I let PinchaPenny know.
Hope this helps anyone else that tries to get Hayward warranty service through an authorized rep that might not be up to speed on the correct process.


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Welcome to TFP.

Thanks for the update on the Hayward process and the way you local pinch-a-penny dropped the ball.


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Mar 2, 2011
They should have a warranty cell available to give you if your cell tests as bad during the warranty period.

Maybe go to a different store that has a testing station and get a new cell from them if the cell tests as bad.