Hayward Swimpure Plus - No Power at all

Mar 2, 2017
Ive exhausted my troubleshooting and need some assistance.

At the end of summer I noticed that my LCD and Led lights were not on at times when I check the control board. Turning off power at the breaker seemed to bring it back but there was always a delay.

I didn't fool with it at all over the winter since it was too cold. Now I'm getting nothing at all, I don't hear the click you normally here when power comes on and nothing on the LCD screen.

Last year I had the classic problem with the AS32-2R025 (DigiKey 570-1105-ND) failing. I replaced it and the unit ran fine all summer except towards the end. I do not have the same symptom.

I'm not too experience with with testing voltage but I did use a multi-meter and detected nothing on the Black and Red wires where power coming into the board while set on 200 V. These wires are feed from the timer where I did get a reading. Nothing has changed wiring wise.

Not sure if I have a transformer issue or a board problem.

I searched and searched yesterday and could find any threads with boards getting no power, everything seems to be related to the cell getting no power and it being the digikey.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Jun 24, 2011
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Welcome to TFP!

There is a series of voltage measurements you need to make to determine what is wrong. All of the steps with pictures are in the Aquarite troubleshooting guide. If you google aquarite troubleshooting guide it will show up. I use the one from Inyo Pools.
Mar 2, 2017
The guide was a great tool. I ended up detecting the problem was with the LCD board making a good contact with the pins. When I was testing I must have shorted some of the pins and heard a click. When I put the board back on the display was on and then turn off. I re seated it and again it was on and off. After a final re seat it functioned as normal. I can only assume that when I repaired the digikey or due to the mini earth quake we had disturbed it slightly enough. Could have also been a defect on terminal but it's on there good and working. Saves me a service call and $$$$$$