Hayward Swimpure Plus and T15 instant salt level reads zero


May 20, 2020
Sharon, MA
I bought a house last year and it came with a Hayward Swimpure Plus generator and Blue works salt cell. The the Blueworks salt cell stopped correctly reading temperature and would only work with the heater on so I replaced the cell with a new Blueworks salt cell. It crapped out after a month so I returned it. It wouldn’t maintain a constant salt level and would eventually go too low and stop producing chlorine after a day. My salt level is 3400 according to the Taylor kit. I now bought a T-15 cell and I was able to set the instant level to -3200 when I had the heater on. The heater is now off and it has dropped to 3000 and the instant salt level now reads -zero and won’t change even if I try to recalibrate. My concern is that there may be something wrong with the Swim pure plus unit. I would rather return the T-15 salt cell and just buy a new Aquarite and T-15 together since that would be cheaper than buying the separate components. Thoughts?


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Dec 10, 2018
From my understanding, Hayward SwimPure Plus, Aquarite, Goldline, Mineral Spring, Nature Soft are the same with different branding name. Please correct me if I'm wrong!
How about digging into the root of the problem and probably fix it at a minimal cost.
You can help us to help you by posting the Diagnostic readings.
Here's how;
1. Run the pump, turn on the AC power to the swcg and move the switch to Auto
2. Wait for 1 minute until the flashing "No Flow" indicator turned off
3. Thereafter, the green Generating led should come on solid and 10 secs later you will hear the relay "Clicked"
4. Within 50 secs after the click, push the Diagnostic button sequentially, take note of the numbers shown on the display window and post it here.