Hayward Swim Pure Plus


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Oct 8, 2015
San Diego, Ca.
When I scroll through the diagnostics on my neighbors pool, one of the displays on the Hayward Swim Pure Plus shows "AL-1".

What does this indicate?



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Mar 2, 2011
It really doesn't mean anything as far as operational functions. It just identifies it as SwimPure vs AquaRite.

It is the name sent to an automation system.

AL-0 is AquaRite
AL-1 NatureSoft
AL-2 MineralSprings
AL-3 SmartPure
AL-4 This changes the default display from average salt to percent output.
AL-5 This is used with Jandy automation.

Aquarite, naturesoft, mineralsprings and smartpure are essentially the same unit with different branding. Hayward does private labels for certain companies. al-0 to al-3 are basically equivalent other than a superficial name change. AL-4 is not about the name, it just changes the default display. AL-5 needs to be selected for the Jandy automation to control the unit properly.

Also note that the Swimpure is the same as an aquarite. Hayward makes the same model under a bunch of different names. Swimpure, H40, mineral springs, naturesoft, smartpure etc.