Hayward swim pure plus. Should I get no flow when pump off?


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Jun 5, 2020
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I just emptied and refilled my pool. The salt cell has been busted ever since I bought the house 6 months ago. I just purchased a new salt cell and finally got the pool balanced and salt added. I turned on the salt generator for the first time. It looks like it's working fine. However when the pump shuts off I notice that the green light for power and generating stay on. Shouldn't generating light go off and no flow come on? Since I've never seen it working before I'm not sure how it should function. Also noticed that the tenp on the control panel got to 100 degrees and the salt cell was warm. Outside temp is current temp where I live is 66 degrees. My guess is that the flow switch is bad and needs replaced but I wanted to get the opinion of the forum first before I go jumping to assumptions. Thanks in advance.


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May 3, 2014
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Remove the power from the SWCG now. If it is left powered on and generates chlorine with no flow through it it can explode.

You need to put the SWCG on a timer or other device that removes the power from it when the pump is not running. You most likely also need a new flow switch. But the flow switch is the Secondary safety device. Removing power when the pump is off is the primary safety device.
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