Hayward SuperPump Leaking At Joint of Motor and Pump

Mar 23, 2017
Edmond, OK
Is this an easy thing to service or do I need to call a pro in is my question. I'm assuming there's some seal in there that is causing this that's gone bad. Looks like I've got unions on both in and out flows so I should be able to disconnect and troubleshoot.



LifeTime Supporter
Jul 7, 2007
Katy, TX.
I just finished a similar pump as yours. It does not require a Pro to repair. There might be a little learnng curve. There is a ribbon type seal between the pump housing and pump motor assy. If you're going to split it apart, you might as well replace your shaft seals, too. Inyo Pool sells a kit for fresh and one for salt water pools. Basic tools required and some extra silicone lube. If you'll look at my most recent post, I mentioned a few additional tips. Inyo pool as some good You-Tube videos on the repair. Good Luck!