Hayward Super Pump Impeller broken


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Apr 12, 2015
Hello all.

Had the pool company come and open my pool and the Hayward 1hp super pump impeller was broken. The motor on this pump was replaced three years ago.

The pool technician recommended to replace the pump with a Jandy FloPro 1hp instead of replacing the impeller (~$700 or so). He stated that Hayward SuperPump are of low quality and the FloPro will be more reliable for me over the long run.

I find this suspect--but I am not the expert. Some searching online didn't give me the answer I need. Is this true?

I am tempted to just order the replacement parts for the Hayward and do it myself. However, my Hayward does not have a model number on it for some reason.

Will this impeller work? Amazon.com: Hayward SPX2610C Impeller Replacement for Hayward Pumps: Garden Outdoor

Was thinking I will also need this kit: https://www.amazon.com/Hayward-SPX1600TRA-Assembly-Replacement-Superpump/dp/B004VTGSUM/ref=pd_bxgy_86_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B004VTGSUM&pd_rd_r=NE03SCZZ1E080JCTJN42&pd_rd_w=SZq2L&pd_rd_wg=RWVd1&psc=1&refRID=NE03SCZZ1E080JCTJN42&dpID=41z9QL-RxFL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=detail

Any feedback / input would be great.



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Aug 28, 2012
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pm, I would go to the person's website that recommended the Jandy and see if they only sell jandy pumps? if so, he's prob trying to line his pockets instead of aligning you w the correct solution. I cannot comment about the jandy pump, but any single speed pump should last much longer than 3 yrs.

The Hayward rep on here seems to be a pretty fair person...give him a PM and see what he says or recommends? From there, you can run the numbers and determine your best solution. Since you do not have automation, you are not tied to any specific brand, but if fixing the Hayward makes the best sense and the best cost/value, that like a plausible solution..

good luck and post back what you learn - tstex