Hayward Super II Seal HELP


Aug 23, 2010
Queen Creek, AZ
I need to replace the seals in my pump :cry: I am looking for some does and don'ts. More so on DONTS I don't want to damage the pump and have to fork out more money.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Going to try and get it done this wknd.



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May 3, 2007
Pleasanton, CA
Probably the biggest mistake you could make would be to install the seals backwards, just follow the instructions. Also note how things are put together as you take them apart. And a little pool lube on the o-rings can make things go together a little easier.


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Mar 14, 2009
Huntsville, AL
DO: Trip the breaker before you start. :)

The following are links to a two-part Youtube video for replacing the shaft seal in a Super Pump - it is not your exact pump, but it might give you an idea what to expect (like take the cover off the back of the motor to access the flats on the motor shaft so you can get the impeller off). I recently changed my motor and seals and it really wasn't hard, but it did help me to see someone else do it first.



Hope that helps.

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