Hayward Summit 2.5T showing DPC

Jun 14, 2012
Hi guys,

looking for some advice here,

My pool startd flashing the DPC code this afternoon.

I looked it up and it means : Suction temperature probe is short circuited or may be defective

So I try to troubleshoot it but I can't find any info about it besides link to the owner's manual.

Also, I don't have any idea which part has to be changed if it's defective.

I thought it would be the suction temperature probe but there is no part with that name when I look it up on the hayward parts website.

I'm trying to find how much it costs, how to change it and if I need a professionnal to come and have a look at it.

If you guys can help me in any way I'd really appreciate it. Also, if someone could specify a part number or a part name that would fit this code, It would help me a lot.

Here are the details: 21' above-ground pool
salt water treatment (aquacell)
Hayward summit water heater 2.5T

Jun 14, 2012

by searching more I stumbled on this : SMX306000024 Water Temperature Probe for Summit 2.5T

By looking around, I found it to be priced between 20$ and 30$.

How complicated is it to install a new one? Anyone tried it before?


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May 7, 2007
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It is an easy replacement if you have good access to the old sensor. Before buying a new one, it is worth locating the old one and checking that the wire is still connected. Sometimes the wire simply gets disconnected, which is an even easier fix.