Hayward Suction Cleaner or S200/Warrior SE/Active 20?


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Sep 26, 2018
Tampa, FL
What do you guys think? Should if get a Hayward suction cleaner or a S200/Warrior SE/Active 20.

The suction cleaner is half the cost and is what I have used in previously pools with out much complaint (although I've never had one in my current pool). These 'new' robot cleaners seem pretty neat though so I am considering one...
My biggest concern would be the robot's ability to pick up fine dirt... I have a cage (screen) around my pool so 95% of what I am normally vacuuming is fine dirt. Currently I only vacuum by hand and the dirt gets sucked up and removed by my DE filter which works really well.

I'm worried the robot cleaner's filtration system may not do a great job at removing those clouds of dirt and instead just spread/brush them around, leaving the bottom of my pool dirty... I know a suction cleaner would run the water through the DE filter and leave me with crystal clear output.

The other thing I was thinking about is with a robot there will be a cord going clear across my deck whereas the suction cleaner is entirely in the pool.

What are your unbiased experiences and opinions? Which way do you think I should go with my cleaner choice? Thanks!