Hayward SP1500ft Timer


New member
Jun 12, 2012
I just installed the Hayward Timer Microprocessor SP1500FT. It was easy to install. The instructions list 4 differenet timer settings but they do not tell how or when the start and time are determined.

For example I want the pump to run from 9am to 9 pm. Does anyone know hopw to set this?


New member
Jun 27, 2012
Yes. There is no actual clock on the timer, so the only way you can set it to run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. is to physically go outside at 9 a.m. and set the timer for a 12-hour run time.

To do this, push the switch to the side that says "Prog." You'll hear one long beep. Move the switch back to "Off." Repeat, and you'll hear two beeps (this is the 18-hour setting). Repeat, and you'll hear 3 short beeps (this is the 12-hour setting). After the timer beeps 3 times, move the switch all the way to the left, into the "Run" position. The pump should start and run for the next 12 hours. It will continue this pattern until a fuse blows, the power goes out during a storm, or the switch breaks. :?