Hayward - Smart Sync Adapter for LED Waterfalls - Light color out of sync.


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May 28, 2022
Smithtown NY
I have a omnilogic controller paired with Smart Sync Adapter for LED Waterfalls from CMP. I can't seem to get the light color to stay in sync. I have the Smart Sync Adapter for LED Waterfalls set to H. Is there something else I am missing here?


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May 7, 2014
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Are the lights in your pool CMP as well? I don't think you can sync say a Hayward pool light with a CMP waterfall light even with the Smart Sync Adapter. I believe it's purpose is allow it to sync with other CMP lights and be controlled by equipment brands other than CMP.

For the power cycle to work across brands....the sequence for colors would have to be standard across all manufactures and they don't do that. ie...if you do the on/off sequence 5 times on a hayward light and then 5 times on a CMP light....you will likely get a different color on each one. If I were to hook a CMP light up to my omnilogic system and use the app to select "Teal"...the CMP light may not even do "Teal" and if it does, the order will likely be different than the order for Hayward teal.

I am typing a lot and not sure it's making sense...do you follow?
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