hayward skimmer inground overflow


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Jun 24, 2020
beacon ny
hello, i am new here and i am a retired auto and truck and heavy truck technician.also i worked on ground support equipment that loads and unload an aircraft.ase master tech. so i am able to fix a large variety of things. i recently dug up my skimmer because i added water to this pool many times and it always returns to set level.so i pulled up some of my decking and moved and cut some boards and dug and dug .well while i was digging the area was wet with water.when i reached the skimmer i watched water leak down the back of the skimmer threw two small holes.i used a brite light and a mirror and i can see two small holes that make the water leak out until it reached the correct level for the skimmer to function correctly.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP. You work at KSWF?

Skimmers can have an overflow drain. Either the knockout was purposely opened and never connected to a drain pipe, the drain pipe is disconnected, or a knockout was accidentally opened at some point.

Post pics of your skimmer and what you found.