Hayward Setup - No Water Flow Sensor Bypass/Override?


New member
May 27, 2020
Central Florida
OK, here's the situation.
  • Hayward OmniLogic controller, saltwater pool
  • Single water flow sensor, installed in a location just upstream of the saltwater chlorine generator where it only trips when filtering in "pool" mode. When separately filtering the spa, the way the water out of the pump is routed it does not trip the water flow sensor or go through the chlorine generator.

OK - so here's the problem. When I am filtering in "spa only" mode (sucking in water from the spa, and returning 100% of that water to the spa - completely closed-loop operation with the spa) the controller detects "no water flow" (for obvious reasons, as explained above) and shuts off after ~15 minutes. Is there any way I can configure the controller to ignore (or better yet - not report it) this error and keep the pump running for as long as I like? I have the cholrine generator turned off during the spa filtering, so it's not a safety issue or anything.

Any ideas?