Hayward sand filter ???s on the sand


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Jan 4, 2018
Myrtle beach SC
Hey every one been a while since I’m here so first off hope every one is doing well

S244T Hayward sand filter and I have a sand question. Currently I’m running quickcreat* brand and it does a decent job but not amazing

What brand SAND is the market leader right now.... I can order if needed

Thanks everyone


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
Yep a little bit of DE will make your sand filter work better than it ever has. Keep in mind every time you backwash the DE will be flushed out so you need to replace it if you want to keep adding it. Only use the pool grade DE.

Adding DE to a sand filter will make it catch a lot more stuff so keep an eye on the filter pressure and be prepared to backwash more frequently while using it. I run my sand filter with DE all season long. I probably don't need to but DE is cheap and last a long time when you are only using it half a SOLO cup (very scientific measuring device) at a time.

Along with adding DE its a good idea to deep clean your sand filter once a year or so.

As for the sand in your filter there's not too much benefit in changing it. Sand in the filter never wears out or goes bad so there generally never a reason to change it once its in there. Pool filter sand is nothing more than #20 silica sand. Its rather course and should be a very uniformly sized grains.