Hayward Salt Cell


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Apr 26, 2017
I have an inground, salt water pool, with a T-9 Hayward Salt Cell. The salt reading on the Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator was 2000ppm but the local pool store was saying it was 3300ppm. Without knowing how to re calibrate the system I bought a new cell then figured out how to re calibrate it. Once I figured that out I put the old cell back on and everything is fine. The old cell is only 2 years old. The new cell was only attached for 5 hrs. Can I send the new cell back after it's been attached or can I just keep it until I need it? Do they have a shelf life once water has been through it?

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Jun 24, 2011
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You need to deal with the seller to see if they will accept it back. The original cell should have been under warranty for 3 years unless you bought one that only had a year warranty. When buying Hayward cells make sure you always buy one that has a 3 year warranty as they do have some that only come with a year warranty.