Hayward s200


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Apr 8, 2019
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I own a Hayward s200 sand filter . I have two questions . Does anyone know what type of pipe thread Hayward uses . On there bulk head fitting that go on the side of the tank . They are a two inch thread but just a hair larger than a regular two inch pipe thread . Other question I need to move my multi port valve about 8 inches away from the tank . Do they make a pvc fitting or adapter that can screw into the bulk head fitting then into the multi port valve . If the had a coupler that you could buy that had the compression typed slip nut that pvc could be glued into them a slip coupler with the male threads that the bulk head fitting has that would work . I’m basically looking for an extension in between the filter housing and multi port valve . I posted a pic . It would be an extension between #24 and #27



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Aug 10, 2017
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I believe part 24 has regular threads on it where a PVC adapter has pipe threading. part 24 uses an oring to seal it so the threads arent tapered, where plumbing threads have a slight taper to get tigher for a waterproofing seal as you seat the threads deeper in the socket. you can test this theory by removing part 24 and getting a 2" steel pipe coupling, and seeing if it will thread in all the way without too much effort. you could also compare the threads by eye if you understand what Im saying or use a set of calipers to measure the threaded section


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Apr 4, 2007
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I think I’d take the parts with you to a good hardware or plumbing supply place where you can try out parts for fit.