Hayward Pure Swim SWG panel on the hot side.


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Hello all,

Decided to switch over from ozone, nature 2, and inline chlorine feeder to a SWG. Texas heat was just too much on the CYA and FC and my set up could not keep above 2 ppm over a 2 day period. That being said, I had the SWG installed and Im in the process of getting everything up to speed when I noticed today that the control panel that is mounted on the side of my house (brick) is very hot to the touch in the area of the top right corner of the control panel box, almost to the point that you cant keep your fingers on this portion of the box (night time). Is this normal? Let me know what you think.


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Jun 22, 2009
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Wherever the transformer is mounted is going to get pretty warm when the unit is generating. If you can keep your hand on it, it's less than 150ºF.