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Jun 5, 2020
Indianapolis, IN
Hey all. Does anyone know what the standard warranty term is on Hayward pumps and if Hayward covers shaft seals as part of their warranty?

I bought a brand new 1.5 HP Super Pump last year to replace a 10-12 year old 3/4 HP Hayward pump that had a leaking shaft seal. Instead of wasting money to repair an old pump I just bought a new unit and upgraded. Now, less than one year later and after only having my pool open for less than 1 full month, the shaft seal on my new pump is already leaking again. I can see a steady flow of water coming out from under the pump housing and the pad is soaked. I didn’t purchase an extended warranty through my pool supplier but I can’t find any information regarding coverage of this type of issue.

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From their Terms & Conditions website HERE:

Limited Warranty

To Buyer, as original purchaser of the Goods, Hayward warrants its products free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Parts which fail or become defective during the warranty period, except as a result of freezing, negligence, improper installation, use or care, shall be repaired or replaced, at our option, within 90 days of the receipt of the defective product, barring unforeseen delays.
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